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Falvey Shippers In-House Capabilities - Part 3: Underwriting

Posted: May 13, 2020 9:01:00 AM

With 25 years of insuring goods in transit and over 250 combined years of cargo underwriting experience within Falvey Insurance Group, Falvey Shippers Insurance is the leader in shipper's interest underwriting. While many companies claim to be innovators, Falvey Shippers Insurance (FSI) has been at the forefront since 2009, underwriting the ever-changing world of freight brokers, 3PLs, and usage-based cargo insurance. In addition, FSI underwriters utilize Falvey’s industry-leading systems to analyze programs and accounts in great detail.

By leveraging account modeling, carrier scorecards, and account profiles, FSI underwriters are not only able to effectively underwrite, but leverage that information to help clients remain an informed partner. With the highest capacity in the market, Falvey underwrites and provides policy terms and conditions that match the needs of the client's program. All enabled by in-house underwriting authority to write limits of up to $2 million on an automated basis and $50 million in-house on referral. Additionally, Falvey can provide limits of up to $175 million without reaching out to other markets, should clients have a unique need.

All of this allows Falvey to make decisions in-house and provide streamlined, flat-rate programs that are sustainable and meet the needs of shippers everywhere. Combined with no annual deposits and the shipAssured API, you will be pressed to find a more dedicated, specialized, and empowered underwriting team in this space.

Why choose outdated solutions provided by markets that do not focus on individual program needs? Change the way you insure; contact Falvey Shippers Insurance today.

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