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shipAssured With API: The Most Complete Shipping Insurance Software

Posted: May 7, 2019 9:31:00 AM

It’s no secret that the insurance industry has been slow to adopt the latest technologies to help streamline processes for shippers and intermediaries. Fortunately, this is changing.

There’s been some recent buzz in the industry around new API solutions that could potentially make the lives of shippers and 3PLs a lot easier by automating and integrating insurance functions into real-time freight workflows. Since our founding in 2009, Falvey Shippers has used technology to provide our customers with best-in-class service. We knew that for most people, dealing with insurance was a hassle, so we created a solution built upon proprietary technology systems and the most modern underwriting processes.

shipAssured: Top Features

Our full software suite is called shipAssured. It includes API web services and makes adding all-risk cargo insurance via any transportation management system or shipping software fast, efficient, and stress-free.

Through a lightweight API integration with your transportation management system (TMS) or shipping software, you can book shipments and purchase insurance at the same time.  

  • The system’s quoting function automatically displays a quote for the cost of the premium to cover the shipment for its full value.
  • When insurance is selected and the shipment is booked, coverage is automatically bound in our system.
  • The certificate of insurance is converted to a PDF and instantly sent as an XML packet so it can be submitted along with the other shipping documents.

That’s it—you have successfully obtained coverage for your shipment and don’t need any further reporting.

 Additional Features

Our web services go above and beyond just the quoting and binding of coverage. Additional features include:

  • Certificate Management. Readily access all certificates without having to log in to another portal. Whether you need to reprint, void, or modify an existing certificate, you can now do it all from within your software.
  • Claims. Submit a claim to us through your software with the click of a button. You can log in to the shipAssured portal at any point to get a real-time status of the claim or submit additional documents.
  • Batch Reporting. Quote and insure shipments in bulk as opposed to on an individual basis. We have the ability to process thousands of shipments within seconds.

A Full Technology Solution To Help Manage Your Insurance Needs

Everything we do is designed to give our customers the best experience possible. Underwriting, claims, and IT are all handled in-house to ensure we can provide you with quick resolutions, no matter the request. We confidently offer the most advanced, easiest-to-use shipping software and API integration in the industry, backed by a knowledgeable team of experts.

At Falvey Shippers, we are constantly improving our processes and systems with new technology to advance our customer-oriented solutions. Contact us to learn more about the most complete shipping insurance software available in the market.


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