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Get to know Andrew Trencheny

Posted: Jan 19, 2022 10:45:00 AM

Continuing our Falvey employee spotlight series, we’d like to introduce Andrew Trencheny. Andrew recently joined our Falvey Shippers Insurance team as an account assistant. 

While Andrew plays many important roles on the team, most notably, he acts as a liaison between the Finance and Operations teams, helping to streamline the process for customers. He says, “My favorite part about working for Shippers is my team and being able to work in an industry that has immense potential.” 

Andrew’s managers, Jay Jeannotte and Billy Worthington, say, “While new, Andrew has proven he is very dependable, team-oriented and always willing to step up and take initiative when needed.”

Before coming onboard at Falvey, Andrew graduated from High Point University, where he earned an undergraduate degree in Finance and a master’s degree in Communication and Business Leadership.

Andrew was born and raised on Long Island. When he’s not busy supporting accounts at work, he enjoys hanging out with his friends and playing sports, especially basketball and volleyball.

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